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Merge Now is a weekly series of conversations about the most important topics in mobility technology, with the people shaping the future of transportation. Hosted by Ed Niedermeyer, Senior Editor for Mobility Technology at The Drive and co-host of The Autonocast, Merge Now takes you beyond the headlines and deep into the important and thorny issues that will change the world and how you move through it.

Jun 26, 2019

In 2007, Carnegie Mellon's Tartan Racing team won the DARPA urban challenge and kicked off the push for autonomous vehicles that now has real cars driving on real roads and will soon birth real businesses. Bryan Salesky was a key contributor to Tartan's victory, and he has taken the expertise he gained there to Google, Caterpillar and now Argo AI, the AV development company he founded and runs. On this week's Merge Now, Salesky joins the show to reflect on how things have changed in the world of autonomous drive technology as it transitions from science experiment to real-world products and services. In the process he touches on some of the hottest topics in the AV world, and provides an accessible yet insightful view into one of the most interesting fields of mobility technology.